1. What does it take to rank highest in the Google SEO results the inbound way?
2. How one can be visibly attractive online for its chosen crowd of potential buyers without sounding aggressive at all?
3. What does it take to make the sales team work overtime to close the surging leads?

If any B2B or B2C business is keen to solve any of the above three questions, then it need not put in much effort to guess the answer as it lies in one simple phrase i.e., ‘Engaging the target audience’. It is an open secret and the essence of a successful business rests here.

Any smart digital marketer would agree that it is not just sufficient to be present online with a website that isn’t socially friendly. In this era of fierce online competition, the relevance of confident, warm and engaging content tone cannot be overemphasized. So, be it sections like About US, service/product descriptions, success stories, blogs etc., web content need to be catchy and unique enough to entice the customer.

What is the importance of quality website content?

  • Engaging website content builds customer’s interest.
  • It educates the potential customers and tells them about the brand and its products/services, value and uniqueness, operating excellence etc. So, the more you say, the more you are marketing indirectly.
  • Typically, the search engine—Google is very particular about the content on your website and is least bothered about how it looks. So, only if you have quality and original content, it will give you a higher rank.

What are the advantages that website content can offer?

With so much digital craze prevalent in the potential buyers’ behaviour, quality content can certainly help in achieving…

  • Better audience engagement
  • Fruitful business consumer relationships
  • More subscribers/ Lead generation
  • More conversions
  • Top rankings or better SEO results
  • Higher Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • More organic traffic and referral traffic

How often should you update the website content?

Remember there is no end to ‘Ye dil mange more!’, when it comes to relevant content in global digital marketing ocean. If you regularly update the content, the chances are that your customers will trust you more as they will see you much active and of course alive. While there is no rule regarding the frequency of updating the content but three updates per week can be good to start with.

WordCraft: Your Methodical Website Content Managers

Your website content should be easy to read and it should be broken into short and crisp sentences and paragraphs for the same purpose. At the same time, it should be rich and contain helpful and relevant information for the targeted customers

WordCraft understands all of this and can clearly help in editing the present content or write something new for your website. It can help in drafting your brand message, success stories, press releases, general blogs or personal blogs (in case of personal wedding websites), search engine optimized articles, e-newsletters, e-books etc., for your website.

WordCraft can even write detailed products and services descriptions for your business and highlight the benefits of it to give you an edge over your competitors. What more? It can ensure that your web content is search engine optimised and well-targeted at your intended audiences.

Be it business or personal wedding website content, WordCraft knows the tricks of the trade. So, what are you waiting for? Brighten up your online presence magically with the enticing website content!