Steve Jobs once said, ‘If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking!’ The buyers especially the online bunch seems to be taking this quote quite seriously when it comes to looking out for more and more information before making a purchase.

It is interesting to note that today, majority of the young adults follow brand’s social networking websites for more information. Thus, it goes without saying that effective social media posts can help in generating higher sales.

What is actually a social media post?

Social media posts are crisp yet very powerful and innovative messages of not more than 100 words that have the ability to impact the readers easily and in a huge manner. They can be humourous, helpful, serious or authoritative statements. Even quizzes, contests, how-to-dos, DIYs or any other catchy sentences serve as social media posts. They have the capability to survive in tough times or severe competition as they arouse engagement from the user in a sassy way.

Are social media posts a sharp-edged inbound marketing sword?

As per the facts, in 2015,  Facebook updates affected nearly 52% of customer’s shopping ( both online and offline).  Today, even Instagram is highly affecting the customer’s purchase decision.

So, the companies who opt for regular social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or any other social platform are likely to outperform their counterparts.

How relevant is social media copywriting in this modern digital marketing age?

There are innumerable benefits of social media posts:

  • Potential online purchasers get easy access to the needed information
  • They offer super fine readability in minimum span of time, thus, boost viewership
  • They allow for frequent shares inviting more leads with higher trust

Is there a sacred rule to determine the frequency of social media posts?

There is no thumb rule for social media posting as it varies from business to business. However, one post per day is good enough to settle down in the beginning. Later, there may be as many posts as the readers are curious about and find interesting to read.

WordCraft: The Diligent Copywriters

Any commercial motto such as boosting a product’s popularity once again or bringing in more enquiries about the offered service package can be achieved with great ease if the social media post is good enough and arouses interest of the customer.

So, sharpen up this strong marketing weapon now to catch up with the potential targeted customers online to beat the heat internationally with a powerful brand image and reputation. The scope is really high!

Make social media posts a way forward to your profitability. Allow WordCraft to create unique status punches or innovative updates for your social media pages and garner more likes, thus, leading to increased visibility and sales in the long run.