Internet is flooded with varied techniques to help you master content marketing. It would not be wrong to include press releases and media kits in the list as one of the smart tools.

What a press release is?

A press release contains news-worthy information with high readability quotient encapsulated in an eye-catching manner under a formal tone. In simple words, catchy but informative set of official statements covering a specific matter may be termed as a press release. The one published online may form an important part of SEO game plan, if done focusing on organic traffic generation.

On what occasions a press release can be flashed?

You can opt for press releases on a number of occasions like…

  • Product/service launch
  • Changes made in the existing service/product
  • Any major addition in business
  • Unveiling of new logo or change of company name
  • Launch of new website
  • New joint ventures
  • Receiving of new funds
  • Higher management sharing opinion on the latest industry report or trend
  • Participation in events like trade shows, award functions etc.
  • Tying up with new agencies like marketing, etc.
  • High profile customers are added to the list
  • Significant increase in the revenue or market share of the company
  • Major CSR initiatives undertaken

What benefits it boasts of in this digital age for competing businesses?

The pertinency of a press release can never be overestimated especially when it is regarded as something trustworthy by the curious customers who are looking out for more information about a particular brand.

The benefits of this tool are many but the major ones are…

  1. It stands out with something more on the brand/subject at hand, thus, help in brand building
  2. Invites news savvy buyers to get more curious about the business as it talks about the recent achievements and developments in the company
  3. Naturally inspires a restless journalist’s mind to draft a newsworthy story on the business
  4. Builds trust, credibility and authority in a competitive market, thus leading to more sales
  5. Usage of SEO keywords in the copy can increase ranking in varied search engines and thus, boost traffic on website

It goes without saying that the art of remaining at the top of the buyers mind is often mastered only by a seasoned marketer. Those who build their strategy on the appropriate basis which starts with related and timely information released with a predetermined purpose are the clear winners.

Therefore, it can be concluded that a press release with its own inherent marketing advantages can always promise to work in a subtle but strong inbound manner at not only national but the global platform as well.

WordCraft: The Promising Press Release Writers

Always remember that all press releases should include the following:

  • Unique and catchy headline
  • Correct facts
  • Should answer the 5Ws and 1H i.e. , who, what, when, were, why and how
  • Should have proper editing as you may be sending it to big media houses or corporate offices

So, do you want a well-written and engaging press release to spread any news about your business to help potential customers and investors know more about you? Well, WordCraft can prepare crisp yet strong press releases as well as media kits for you.