To write with a fearless heart and to edit with no mercy is the secret behind any engaging content! No matter how powerful your idea or message or interesting your story is, if the writing is cluttered and the piece is not edited or proof-read well, it will fail to create an impact. In fact, an unedited piece may easily convey the notion that you are an unprofessional or a careless individual, author or company. Thus, your clients may lose confidence in you.
So, while as a company, you need to ensure that all your promotional content (articles, blogs, social posts, e-mails etc.) is free from errors, as an author, you need to see that your story (manuscript) does not lose its charm due to poor editing and proofreading.

What are the key constituents of good editing and proof reading?

Editing is nothing but letting the written piece go through a strict process of correction and/or modification. Through the process of editing, an efficient editor enhances the overall quality of the writing by using proper words and sharp and consistent language, checking factual errors and ensuring clarity of expression. In case of academic editing, apart from improving the writing quality, editors can also ensure that the order and formatting is in conformity with the requirement.
As for proofreading, it ensures that your message is communicated clearly. An eagle-eyed proofreader finds all syntax error, highlights wrong spellings, identifies incorrect punctuation marks, spots formatting errors and rectifies them instantly. You might think that you can correct such simple errors easily on your own. However, this is not an easy task and involves the right strategy.
So, be it a dissertations, manuscripts, SEO articles, blog posts, social media posts, e-mailers, website content, business presentations, white papers, academic papers, e-books etc., editing and proof reading can enhance the impact of your ideas, thoughts and message.

Can a good editor and proofreader be of any help in achieving awesome content?

When the writer has done his/her job well then what is the need of either an editor or a proofreader is a question that baffles many. But it not that difficult to understand or appreciate the fact that the taste comes only in a well-cooked food and not in something that is half baked. Isn’t it? There are very less chances that a raw piece of content will be able to satisfy the information hunger of your curious readers out there.
There is no doubt that a dynamic writer will surely stuff his write-up with all the essential elements of a unique content but the battle is only half won without proper editing. A qualified editor acts as the final filter and not only makes a copy free from any common errors that kill your or company’s image but also makes it fruitfully appealing and presentable through his/her knowledge.

WordCraft: The qualified editors

Editing and proofreading of the content is incredibly important as it can make or mar your image as an individual, author or a company. If there are mistakes in your written matter, then nobody would take you seriously. Thus, the crux is that you need to have a trusted editor as well as proof reader to review all your content.
Well, by taking WordCraft’s editing and proofreading services, you can ensure that your image is held high at all times. WordCraft can give a proper flow to your content and make documents readable, logical and effective. Simply put, if your content marketing boat is sinking fast, a diligent editor like WordCraft can be your life jacket.
WordCraft can even edit and proof read academic papers and provide guidance for GMAT analytical writing assessment essays. It even undertakes developmental editing for manuscripts.