In the present scenario, every business, entrepreneur or entity is striving hard to make its online presence felt. In this scenario, content marketing is one of the most striking and effective marketing strategies to grab the attention of the customers.

While content marketing may mostly mean blogs or SEO articles, e-books and white papers are no less in spreading awareness about your products or service, developing customer’s understanding towards an issue or topic and generating new leads. In fact, e-books and white papers have enough scope for in-depth information.

So, what are e-books and white papers?

An e-book is nothing but a thick or thin book on a topic/subject which is available in electronic format and can be easily downloaded on a Smartphone, computer, laptop, tablet or iPad. As a part of your content marketing strategy, e-books essentially give your business an opportunity to connect deeply with the target customers.

As for white papers, they are authoritative, persuasive and detailed reports on a particular topic. In content marketing, white papers are used to educate the customers about a particular issue/topic or give information about the company’s product or services.

How do e-books and white papers form an important part of content marketing strategy?

  1. In words of Brian Carter, speaker, consultant and author of multiple e-books and two Amazon titles, “E-books are one of the best ways to generate leads for businesses.” Same goes with white papers as well. Both are educative and persuasive in nature, thus, they easily win the trust of the customers and lead them to make a purchase decision.
  2. E-books and white papers can also be used as a free manifesto to spread awareness about your company and its products and services.
  3. They help in establishing your good online reputation. E-books and white papers can establish you as an expert and industry leader and give you authority too.
  4. E-books and white papers can help your potential customers to learn more about you.
  5. They are also helpful in creating a personal brand value.

WordCraft: Meticulous writers for your E-books and White Papers

At WordCraft, we understand that e-books and white papers are a serious business.

  1. They demand good amount of research and need to have authentic references.
  2. Both need to be well-written as well as well-edited and proof read.
  3. They need to have a proper structure in place.
  4. Writing e-books as well as white papers may take few hours to few days, weeks or months.
  5. White papers may even be thicker than e-books.

So, want to create a buzz through e-books and white papers? WordCraft is the right place to be!