Despite the growing online marketing domain, marketing through print medium should not be ignored. While blogs, press releases, e-mailers, e-books, newsletters are all important, coffee table books and other marketing collaterals like brochures and pamphlets are no less.

What are coffee table books, brochures and pamphlets?

A light read, coffee table books are hard bound books made attractive with pictures, captions and interesting text. Such books can be used to share important information about the company. In fact, coffee table books serve as an excellent marketing stuff with an advantage of long lasting shelf life.

Brochures are small booklets that contain information about the products or services of the company. Pamphlets, on the other hand, focus on a single subject. They are generally used for spreading awareness about a topic or a particular service/product.

How do they help in brand building and content marketing?

A brochure contains all the important information about the company and has a design philosophy. It is considered as the first impression of the company.

Similarly, pamphlets are a good opportunity for any company to attract the customers towards its specific feature or service/product. A pamphlet is very organised and impressive sheet of informative piece. It is pocket-friendly too.

Coffee table books can also be a part of brand building and content marketing strategy. Customers can find some specific features in them that distinguish the company from the others. This leaves a good impression on the customers.

WordCraft: The Master Content Crafters

Coffee table books and other marketing collaterals like brochures and pamphlets are an effective way to convey a strong message about the company. They generate trust among the customers, thereby, leading to sales. They can even be put aside and used as a reference later.

So, allow WordCraft to build your corporate image and increase sales through well-designed coffee table books and other marketing collaterals.