Putting one’s point of view across is tempting for all but how about taking the listeners on board? Can lopsided articles or content play a role in crafting a healthy brand image? Well, no! However, well-crafted blogs can do so.

In fact, blogs give strong voice to your brand, visibility to your business values and become a key engagement tool by communicating with your present and prospective clients. Unique blog posts with SEO keywords and smart headlines are showered true love by search engines and this drives good online traffic for your brand.

So, what are blogs?

Blog, a key inbound marketing tool, is written in formal/informal style and maintained as a website page function. It communicates with the readers in a manner that they not only enjoy reading it but find the information contained in it quite relevant to consider while making a decision.

In the present scenario, it would be difficult to find a business that runs a website without a communication outlet i.e., blogs. The topics of blogs are generally linked to the business for which it is meant. The general motto of any blog is to give away (the relevant information) before the business expects its targeted customers to trust it.

Who should be the target audience for your blogs?

The target audience is actually the whole universe as who knows that a person from another country might be interested in your brand and its products/services. The target audience may first appear as leads, then become customers and finally turn into brand ambassadors that work towards attracting new customers for your business in the long run.

How often should you update/write a blog?

Regularity is the key. Companies that regularly publish quality blogs tend to reap major benefits in terms of website traffic and leads. Ideally, two blogs per week should be the mantra.

Why are blogs indispensable in the present day marketing scenario?

  • They help the potential customers know more about your industry. Through blogging about hot industry topics that your readers are not just interested in but are craving for, your blog page serve as a platform for sharing credible information.
  • Once the customers start understanding the industry, it can be much easier for you to generate awareness about your products and services through blogging. Given the fact that these days, customers do extensive research before taking decision, your blogs can be the place where they can get all the information that they are seeking.
  • Opting for different yet well-defined blogging styles and formats can make your customers hooked to your blog page all throughout the year. This can definitely increase traffic on your main website too.

WordCraft: The Passionate Bloggers

At WordCraft, we understand that whether the blog is for a start-up or for an established name, it can create the right buzz, if there is …

  • A consistent blogging style
  • The theme and content is relevant enough to generate curiosity eliciting frequent visits
  • The language is lucid and easy to understand
  • The facts are in right place and quoted at the right time
  • The blog page is updated regularly

So what? If you are looking for personal blogs on your wedding website (refer our business and wedding website service for more details), WordCraft specialises in this domain too.